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During late 2015 I decided I needed a much better quality website that had an actual digital strategy behind it. I also decided I needed to ramp up what I was doing on Facebook and other digital marketing. I spoke with Jay Daniells from Green Valley Digital who is fortunately based in Bundaberg and after an initial consultation I decided he and his team were definitely the right people for the job.

The website was crafted with meaning. Every single aspect of the website was designed by Jay and done with clear thought and purposeful intent to ensure that it will produce maximum result. Much dedicated planning and care was put into this and I thank Jay and his team very much. Jay is very traditional in his values and believes in quality workmanship and real Return On Investment (ROI) results for his clients.

To date they have done the following:

  • Proposed a digital strategy for the website so it operates as both a communication and lead-generator marketing tool.
  • Recommended I ‘Blog for Business’ within the website. They have started providing me mentoring, support and blog writing collaboration and assistance. Now that this website is launched and I am eager to learn more, I will be doing their entire blogging consultancy program. The blog section of my website will become a very active and useful resource in time.
  • They redesigned my website so it has a modest but contemporary user-friendly design that is also relatively easy to read and logical to navigate.
  • They also coded this new website so it is mobile and tablet friendly and made it search engine friendly.
  • Setup facebook OpenGraph Meta Tags so that when I share my webpages and blog articles on facebook they have good quality preview images, page titles and descriptions when posted.
  • They have revamped my Facebook Business Page.
  • They built a landing page for me last year which you can see if you click here: Queensland Government Grant Funding for Home Based Businesses and ran a Facebook Targeted Ads Campaign to create awareness and drive traffic to the landing page.
  • One of Jay’s associate Direct Response Content Writers named James Brine wrote the website text and kept me directly involved in the process.
  • They provided me with WordPress training so I can update text myself and publish blog articles.
  • Answered any questions I had throughout the project. They were also quick to reply to emails and offered good educational advice when needed.

And they are doing even more work to further assist me atm. I highly recommend Jay and his team!

Please take some time to check out the new website and it’s offerings.

If you’d like to tell me what you think of the new website please feel free to post a message in the below comments:


Lester Lewis

About Lester Lewis

Using the power of his Sounding Board Coaching Program and his Accredited Business partnership with MAUS, and combined with over 14 years of experience as the State Government's small business specialist in the Bundaberg Region, Lester Lewis encourages and guides small business owners from initial planning stages right the way through the life cycle of their business. A lifetime of working in government and in his own successful businesses, gives Lester a strong theoretical and practical approach to supporting all of his clients, large and small.


  1. Hi Lester, Thanks heaps for choosing us to provide your new website and the privilege to work with you. Greatly appreciate you writing and posting this blog article too btw.

    • Lester Lewis

      Thanks Jay, Brilliant working with you! Thanks heaps too for the website and blog training that you are currently providing me and other next stage services.


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