Case Study: Manager Finally Gets A Holiday

Problem: I was hired by a small, local electrical company that had been in business for 3 years. The company had 5 staff including an office manager that had not had a holiday in all that time, because without her the business simply could not function. Most of the information about how the business operated was in the office manager’s head. Simple tasks such as invoicing, paying accounts and a range of other regular business activities just would not get done if she were to take a break for a few weeks. This stress was starting to get too much and was affecting her performance and the business as a whole.

Solution: I worked with the office manager and the owner to develop processes and work instructions around the basic operations of the business. In total we developed 20 work procedures that went through, step by step, exactly when and how to perform the various office operations.

Result: The business was able to recruit a part time office assistant whilst the Office Manager went on a well-deserved two-week break. From day one the office assistant was able to work through the processes we had developed to complete all the necessary tasks without error or supervision. Since then the company has further developed their systems and the assistant has been kept on to assist with the company expansion.

Please note: So as not to breach confidentiality I have not included my client’s name nor their business name in this case-study.

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“Lester has been an efficient contractor to work alongside – including scoping the work to be done, willing to assist in all parts of contract delivery and reporting in a timely manner. In terms of service delivery, Lester delivered the Accidental Counsellor and Telephone Skills in Tough Times workshop to many struggling western communities with great success."

-- Angela Williams, Project Officer, Uniting Care Community


“Lester Lewis from Lester Lewis Consulting has been assisting us in the first year of our new retail business. His extensive knowledge of merchandising, customer service, marketing and business in general and his many contacts in the business world have been a huge help, we have learnt many things. Lester’s friendly and easy to understand manner makes it a pleasure to work with him."

-- Jing Webster, Owner, JX Leather Goods


“I worked with Lester for a number of years at the Department of State Development. He is a great business advisor, presenter, mentor and friend.”

-- Beth Whitworth, Office Coordinator & Small Businesss Advisor, QLD Dept. of State Development


“ I would recommend Lester as someone who takes time to consider the needs of his clients, and who goes above and beyond to deliver a tailored service to meet those needs. At all times he has been easy to work with and highly professional. I now consider him to be part of my team.”

-- Sharon Coyne, BA ATCL GradDipEd


"Lester has not only shown me ways that will accelerate my success, but has helped transform the way I think about and run my business. Lester is a motivational and highly knowledgeable coach who keeps up with the times and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Lester to anyone who is seeking professional advice, guidance and inspiration to help them grow their business in a fun way, and with great purpose.”

-- David Lee-Schneider, Online Marketing Specialist, FlySocial

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