1770 Cafe delivers Anzac cookies to 80 overseas soldiers


The 1770 Marina Cafe made Anzac biscuits for 80 Australian soldiers in Dubai. Photos shared from Dubai.

A local lady named Ruth Geck who owns 1770 Marina cafe surprised her daughter, Monique, who is in Dubai, with boxes of Anzac cookies this week. FOUR kilograms of Anzac Cookies mind you! We heard about this during this weekend so felt compelled to quickly write about it here in our blog.

According to the article published in The Gladstone Observer the delivery brought smiles to the faces of her daughter and her fellow soldiers. Her daughter has been in the Australian Army for five years. She is based in Dubai and helps deliver supplies to the Australian troops in Iraq. Anzac cookies are made regularly at Ruth’s cafe. The full story is on the Gladstone Observer website:

Before I sign off I just wanted to add; Lest we forget.

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